Professor Emeritus Mac Linscott Ricketts holds three post-graduate
degrees: a Master’s in Theology degree Emory University (1954), a
Master’s in Divinity from the University of Chicago (1962), and a
Doctorate in Philosophy from Chicago (1964). He taught history of
religions at Duke University for five years, and a variety of religion
courses for nearly twenty-five years at Louisburg College, in North
He has published numerous articles about Eliade and
tranalated several of his books and novellas. His major work, Mircea
Eliade: The Romanian Roots. 1907-1945
He coordinated, together with Mihaela Gligor, the following volumes: Întâlniri cu / Encounters with Mircea Eliade (Cluj-Napoca, „Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă” Publishing House, 2005) and Întâlniri cu Mircea Eliade (Bucharest, Humanitas Publishing House, 2007).
He coordinated, together with Mihaela Gligor, Professor Mircea Eliade: Reminiscences (Kolkata, Codex Publishing House, 2008).
His latest work is the English translation of Mircea Eliade’s The Portugal Journal, SUNY, 2010